Property Management


Why choose Rainbow Rentals to manage your cabin rental?  Here are the top 10 reasons:
1 – Property management team lives in Island Park year round.
2 – Property management uses professional cleaners and maintenance people.
3 – Property management is available for the renters and homeowners at all times.
4 – Our website is live for on-line reservations 24/7.
5 – Our website is easy to understand and maneuver with a lot of information for the visitors to our area.
6 – We advertise and link to the major advertising companies like VRBO, HomeAway, Vacation Rentals, Airbnb, FlipKey, and Trip Advisor.
7 – Our website is linked to other websites like Island Park Chamber of Commerce, Rainbow Realty, Visit Idaho, and Enjoy Your Idaho to just name a few.
8 – Property management is familiar with activities and events happening in the area.
9 – Property management attends webinars and conferences to increase knowledge on the rental market.
10 – Rainbow Realty has been in business since 1988 and is locally owned and operated.


What does Rainbow Rentals property management do for you as a homeowner?  Here are the top 10 things that we do for you:
1 – Property management creates a web page for your cabin.
2 – Property management creates a 3 ring binder with cabin specific instructions and things to do in the area.
3 – Property management is available for the homeowner and renter during and after business hours.
4 – Property management takes reservations by on-line system, email, and phone.
5 – Property management pays for all advertising of your cabin rental.
6 – Property management collects all funds from renters and distributes funds to homeowner, Idaho sales and resort tax, CSA insurance, cleaning crews, and maintenance crews.
7 – Property management handles all contracts, email correspondence, phone calls, check in and check out procedures for the renters.
8 – Property management schedules departure cleans, deep cleans, and light maintenance.  Large maintenance items are authorized by the homeowner and billed to the homeowner.
9- Property management puts a lock box on your property and maintains and changes codes.
10 – Property management checks on cabin regularly, if accessible.


How do you join the Rainbow Rentals program?  There are 5 easy steps:
1 – Contact the Property Manager, Vylinda Stark, either by email or at the office at 208-558-7116 for more information about our rental program.
2 – Make an appointment with Vylinda Stark to come view your cabin and learn how your cabin will fit into our rental program.
3 – We have an open ended contract between Rainbow Rentals and each homeowner.  Click to see the Property Management Agreement
4 – We have requirements for all our cabin rentals.  Click to see the Rental Cabin Requirements
5 – Once the property manager has viewed your cabin and deemed it a good fit for the rental program, received the property management agreement and a key to the cabin; then Rainbow Rentals can start advertising your cabin in our rental program.


What to know before you rent out your cabin:
1 – Fremont County and Island Park City both require that a permit be acquired to allow you to rent out your cabin.  We can help you determine which agency you will need to contact to get the proper permit.  Here are the links to the permit information – Fremont CountyIsland Park City
2 – The best time of year to rent out your cabin is May to October.  This is when people travel the most for vacations.
3 – Make your cabin inviting.  Renters are there to enjoy the warmth and coziness of your cabin as well as enjoy the outside surrounding area.
4 – Amenities, Amenities…The more you have the better chance you have at renting out your cabin.
5 – There are over 250 cabins being rented out in the Island Park area.  There is room for more, but remember you have competition so keep your cabins nice and the nightly price low.
6 – You need to get extra homeowners insurance to cover major damage caused by renting out your cabin.
7 – Check with your realtor or call the Rainbow Realty office and verify that the subdivision that your cabin is in allows short term rentals.  Some subdivisions do not allow rentals.


Rainbow Rentals generally does short term rentals; nightly or weekly.  However, we can also help take care of your monthly or yearly rental.  Contact us for more information about the different types of rentals in our area.  Island Park and West Yellowstone does not have enough housing for the summer employees; there is a need for monthly rentals from May to October.


Rainbow Rentals is here for you.  Give our office a call so that we can help rent out your vacation cabin.